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December 28, 2017
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#253:  Christmas Prank (Jimmy Kimmel, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski) 


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but advanced students should try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video (without looking at the list of missing words and phrases).  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  There is one main feature in this video -- the word "to" can sound like "ta", "da", or "na".  a) It sounds like "ta" in the phrases "has to" ("has ta") and "have to" ("haf ta").  b) It sounds like "da" in the phrases "to me" ("da me"), "to you" ("da you"), "to be" ("da be"), "to do" ("da do"), and "to see" ("da see"), as well as in the phrases "going to" ("going da"), "decided to" ("decided da"), "over to" ("over da"), and "what to do" ("what da do").  c) It sounds like "na" in the phrases "want to" ("wanna") and "going to" ("gonna")

Missing Words and Phrases (26):  Because [cuz]; decided to [decided da]; going to [going da]; going to [gonna] (6 times); going to have to [gonna haf ta]; has to [has ta]; over to [over da]; to [ta] (2 times); to be [da be]; to do [da do]; to me [da me] (2 times); to see [da see]; to you [da you]; want to [wanna] (4 times); what to do [what da do]; would've [would ev].


We have a good show here tonight.  From "Into the Woods" the delightful Emily Blunt is here with us.  {Applause.}  I _______ mention something.  You probably know, Emily is married to John Krasinski.  John and Emily.  Not only are they {changes} are my wife and I very good friends with them, they're our neighbors.  We live right across the street from each other.  And we have a holiday tradition that was started by them a few years back.  Three years ago John and Emily broke into my house.  I was at work and made the mistake of giving them my key to the house and they used it to break in unlawfully to set up this Santa and snowman light display, which we found to our puzzlement when we got home.

So I retaliated in a minor way.  I bought a big neon insurance sign on Craig's List [1] and I installed it on the front wall of their driveway.  And I think we have another picture of this, John going "Why?"  And for a time all was well until the next year when they planted this zombie in our garden, which is not Christmassy at all and I will say "terrified us".  Even looking at it now it scares me. 

So my wife and I saw their zombie and we raised them a 26-foot tall inflatable reindeer [2], complete with non-inflatable reindeer poop that we put in their driveway.  And that was {applause} and that was it [3], right?  Fun, not too damaging. 

{1:23} So then last year, rather than wait for them _____ something _____ first, I __________ end this once and for all by taking it to an entirely different level.  While John and Emily were out, we gift-wrapped their house.  I sent the whole staff _______ their house and we really went to town [4].  We had toys, candy canes, snow.  We wrapped all their doors and windows.  And then John came home from work and he was surprised.  And this is LA [5], keep in mind.  We had carolers.  {Surprise!}  And a little elf come out -- Merry Christmas!  -- Merry Christmas! -- and that was it, right?  I mean, I was {stops} That's it.  There's no {stops}.  You can't go beyond that.  Once you gift-wrap somebody's house, it can't be topped [6]. 

So, um, this year, in fact last week after the show I was with some friends, leaving the show, ________ dinner and I walked out to my car, as I do every night, and little did I know [7] that my car had been wrapped from head light to tail gate and, uh {stops}.  Ok, so there I am.  That's my post-work look [8].  Passing by the heavy equipment, which {stops}.  Oh, no.  What did John Krasinski do to me?

{Unclear.}  He actually did a good job.
It ______ be him!  Krasinski.  I bet it is.  When I walked out I thought, "I hope this is not my car."  {Laughs.}  Will someone take a picture of me in front of the, uh... Ho ho ho.
I mean, where do you get wrapping paper that covers a car?  That's another thing I'm wondering.
They even did the door handles, individually.

{3:14} Oh my god.  Oh my god.  The whole car is filled with baubles.  Well, I don't know __________.  {Laughs}
There's a camera.
Oh, there's a camera.  Wow.  That is impressive.  I have to hand it to you [9], that is impressive.  You son of a bitch {laughs}.
Oh no.  {Applause.}
{Unclear} very good.  And I said, "Now that's enough," right?  Well it turned out that wasn't enough because the next night they did something else _____ and when Emily gets out here a little bit later we'll show you the result of that.  Eventually one of us ________________ move is what's ________ happen.  Preferably out of the country.  Maybe {stops}.  I wonder if I can have Emily deported.  Can you help me with that, Guillermo?
I'll take her to Mexico with me.
Yeah, no.  Yeah, wherever!
We are back with Emily Blunt.  So earlier on the show, if you were watching, I {stops}.  I _______ know who was responsible for this.  Was this you or John or some combination of the two of you?
It was a combination.
A combination of the two of you.
We went through a couple of options and decided just to do all of them.
Well, thank {pauses}
Thank you.  And, um, you know there's a lot of {changes} Those were a lot of balls to clean up.
Yeah, I know.  Sorry about that.
A lot of ornaments.
Were you there doing it yourself?
Yeah.  No, well, I actually didn't do any of it, to be honest with you, but uh.  But um, so then the next night, after my car was filled with ornaments, I went out to the parking lot and this happened.
It was time to bring it [10].

{5:22}  Oh no.  Again?  I feel like this happened again already once.  Unbelievable. 

{Song #1:  "Deck the halls with balls of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.  Tis the season to be jolly [11], fa la la la la, la la la la."  Song #2:  "Hark!  The herald angels sing, [12] Glory to the new-born King."  Song #3:  "We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

{6:09}  {Unclear.}  That one was better than the ornaments.
Because not only were you terrified -- and I love that you flinched.
Yes, I did.
{Unclear} forever, but that t is your nightmare:  people singing at you.
Right, yes.  Singing right at me is uncomfortable for me.  By the way, I _______ thank you for not putting the reindeer in my car.
I think we ________ had a call from animal cruelty.
You probably would have, yes.
John actually wanted that.  He went, "No, no.  He'll just sit in the back like this."  {Demonstrates how.}  I went, "It won't sit there.  It has antlers and it's ________ hurt itself".
Like this {laughs}.
He said, "No, It'll just sit there like that."  I don't know.  I don't know.
When I saw the reindeer, I, to be honest, wasn't entirely sure they exist, so I inspected it ______ if you attached horns to some other kind of a deer and it turned out, no, there are such things as reindeer.
They are real.
So that was pretty big.
They are real.
That was big.  And Guillermo did nothing _____ help me.
Come on, Guillermo.
He did nothing _____ stop this.  You're supposed _____ the parking lot security guard.
This is awful.
I was sick!
Useless!  Well, you know the thing is that I don't think we can stop at that, so I just _______ take a quick look live at your car.

{7:20} Oh, no.
And just {stops}.
Are you kidding me?
Yeah!!!  Yeah!!!  It's a beard on a beard!
It's two-beard Santa!
What is going on?  Can John hear us out there?
Yeah, I can hear you.  Can you hear me?  I'm wearing a beard on a beard.  What does that say?
You're like two guys is what it means.
Do the side view, babe, so we see your tummy.  Yeah.
John, how did you say the reindeer were going to sit in the car?
No, we're not doing that.  See, this is a different one.
Oh, no.
I'm ________ take this for a spin [13] _______ I needed a sleigh to give away all your stuff!
Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no.  That's my clarinet!
This is really your computer.  This is really your computer.
It's my computer.
You're freaking out right now and I love it!  Alright guys, let's do this!
What do you mean, "He's giving it away"?
He's giving away your actual stuff.
John, please do not {stops}.  Do whatever you want to my clarinet.  Do not give {interrupted}.
We have to say Molly [14] helped us.  We raided your house and we took a lot of your own stuff.  We're ________ give it away to the kids of America!

{8:30} The kids don't need my computer!  {The car crashes into a light pole.}  What is going on out there?! No!  Oh, no!  {Laughs}  There are innocent victims involved!  {A piano falls on the car.}  {Laughs}  How much money does that cost?
So much money!
It's ridiculous.
It's pretty much the best prank ever!
I don't know when we stop though!  I don't know how we ever put a cap on this [15].
Well {interrupted}.
We're ________ keep doing it until we're dead.
Well, I will tell you.  This does not end until everyone is dead {laughs}.  I guess like John had a little bit of eggnog before, uh {stops}.
We're good!  [16]  We're good!
{Laughs}.  Hey, John {laughs}.  Alright, well, thank you.
Hey, alright!  {Falls down.}
Drop the piano.
Wait, is anything else ________ happen?
No!  You have to now top that [17].
Maybe you guys will pack my baby in a FedEx box and send her away!
Hey, I'd send her to me.  She's the cutest baby.
Well, Merry Christmas ______.  May God help you next year.  Emily Blunt, everybody!  "Into the Woods" opens Christmas Day.  We'll be right back with Lee Paige.

Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel.  Thanks for watching our video.  Click right here {pointing} to subscribe to our channel and click right here {point to his heart} and I will fall in love with you, guaranteed.


[1] Craig's List = https://www.craigslist.org = This is an advertising website where individuals can sell or buy items, provide services, look for jobs, discuss various topics, and so on.
[2] We saw their zombie and raised them a 26-foot tall inflatable reindeer = This is gambling terminology.  If someone bets on their hand, then to "see" that bet means to bet the exact same amount, but to "raise" that bet means to bet even more.   
[3] That was it = That was the end.
[4] We really went to town = To do something in an excessive or uninhibited manner.
[5] LA = Los Angeles.
[6] It can't be topped = No one can do it better.
[7] Little did I know = I didn't know it at all.
[8] That's my post-work look = That's how I look after work.
[9] I have to hand it to you = I congratulate you.
[10] It was time to bring it = To show what you can do in a competition.
[11] Tis = It is.  This is archaic.
[12] Hark! The herald angels sing = "Hark" means "Listen!"  It's archaic.  "Herald angels" = messenger angels.
[13] To take a car for a spin = To drive a car somewhere.
[14] Molly = Jimmy Kimmel's wife.
[15] I don't know how we ever put a cap on this = I don't know how we'll ever end this.
[16] We're good! = Don't worry about me!
[17] You have to now top that = You have to do something that's even more outrageous to us.


1) want to [wanna]
2) to do [da do]
3) to me [da me]
4) decided to [decided da]
5) over to [over da]
6) going to [going da]
7) has to [has ta]
8) what to do [what da do]
9) to me [da me]
10) going to have to [gonna haf ta]
11) going to [gonna]
12) want to [wanna]
13) want to [wanna]
14) would've [would ev]
15) going to [gonna]
16) to see [da see]
17) to [ta]
18) to [ta]
19) to be [da be]
20) want to [wanna]
21) going to [gonna]
22) because [cuz]
23) going to [gonna]
24) going to [gonna]
25) going to [gonna]
26) to you [da you]

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