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January 30, 2018
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I am down, down, down, down.. What is this feeling?  What is this I'm feeling, I just can't explain? You left me wounded, and I am moaning with grief. My heart is pierced and my entire body is paralyzed. Perhaps I can't accept the fact that you left me and I am drowning in sadness. I can't cry my eyes are dry. I am afraid, my eyes might bleed if I persist. My heart is heavy, very heavy. I can't  breathe anymore.. I am in a sorrow-ridden disposition once again 😞

January 5, 2018
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OH LOVE, I just realized

......that you allow crucibles to happen to me, for me to be polished and refined.

January 5, 2018
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I think of you everyday

I hope that one day we will cross paths

Although I am busy with my chores

I would still love to talk to you

When my phone beeps, I am exhalirated to see it

Excitedly checking if it's  you who messaged

I then grin though it's  queer

And that shows to me, that you are dear

I savour every moment of our talks

Imagining that you're with me in my walks

Our distance seems so near

For our friendship keeps us connected like one soul in two bodies


You have a heart of gold

You console me in my sorrow-ridden days

You enable my grumpy disposition to be lively 

And I am truly blessed,  because in you I find peace.

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