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Learn English with this solitude English lesson

Date: Jun 22 2018

Themes: Health, Time, Work

Grammar: Be Able To


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Most of the time, we put everyone into two groups: either you’re a people person or you’re not. It’s usually easy to tell which group you’re in. If you like spending time with people, you’re the first. If you need to take a step back and be by yourself, you’re likely introverted.

It’s definitely not bad to spend time alone, though. While it may take discipline for social people to get away from the crowd, spending time creating calmness and awareness is not only healthy, it’s also important. We need time to relax, to meditate, and to think about what is important in life. When you’re always around other people, it can be hard to figure out life.

Why is Jessica feeling stressed? Discover what advice Rafael gives her in this English lesson about being alone.


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Jessica:  So, Rafael, I am a people person.

Rafael:  You are?

Jessica:  Yes. And I work alone. And lately, I’ve been really lonely and just stressed with work. So I’ve been trying to get my priorities straight and take a step back from all of my stressful work and really just try to find that peace and quiet again.

Rafael:  Yeah, if you do things like that, if you meditate, you find your peace and quiet, it gives you a lot of calmness. It gives you a lot of focus, helps you get your priorities straight, that sense of awareness. Helps you step back from it all. Do you know what I’m saying?

Jessica:  Yeah. Don’t you think it takes a lot of discipline, though, to be able to take a step back from all of the busy, daily life?

Rafael:  It depends on who you are. I mean, me, for example. I’m super, super introverted.

Jessica:  Are you?

Rafael:  I wouldn’t say it takes me discipline. I would say it’s just a little more natural for me to be introspective all the time.

Jessica:  All right. Well, I will try to focus on meditating and relaxing more.


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Jessica is a people person. She likes to be around other people all the time. Since she works by herself at home, though, she’s been feeling lonely and is starting to get stressed.

Rafael encourages Jessica to take a step back and focus on what’s important. He says that meditating, along with finding peace and quiet, can be good for clearing one’s mind.

Jessica agrees with Rafael, but it isn’t so easy for her. It takes hard work for her to spend time alone, thinking about her priorities, and managing her thoughts. It’s not natural for her, like it is for Rafael, but she’s willing to try.

Are you introverted or do you like spending time with people? What helps you create peace and quiet?



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La Princesse de la vie


I’m super introverted, which absolutely means that my peace and quiet come with being alone and introspective.

08:11 AM Jun 23 2018 |



I am introverted. I like stay with myself. Only when my best friends come out, I can spend time with them.

Many things can make me peace and quiet such as walking, reading, writing and even playing table tennis with strangers.

Sometimes I could chat with some friends who could understand me online.

Yes, I agree to Rafael. Spending time alone is benefit for health, helping someone to meditate and think about one’s meaning of life. 

09:23 PM Jun 21 2018 |




I enjoy spending time with people and especially with my friends,but i also might be an introverted person! i mean from time to time i need to stay alone to meditate,and get my priorities straight,it’s sth important.

03:20 PM Jun 26 2015 |



I’am a introverted person i really like take a step back and meditateing to feel calmness but some people saying to me that’s because i don’t have a true friends ;  friends how i trusted them but i’am really not a people person  

12:04 AM Jun 15 2014 |

faisal abdo


also im between introverted and spending time with people

11:17 PM Jun 14 2014 |




I like spending my time with my friends and active during the day, but i’ll become introverted during the night.. 

09:02 PM Jun 04 2014 |



Sometimes I am introverted, I like to think and do things alone, but when I was stay with my friends i was so happy, I also like to make some friends, I want to become people person.

06:49 PM Jun 04 2014 |

Hiva Sh

Hiva Sh

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think I’m introverted…Because I like to be alone

Although, I have a great family and unique friends, but sometimes I  can’t stand people around me and I need to be alone and take a step back

12:30 PM May 30 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It’s sometimes good to be alone

04:33 AM May 29 2014 |



Im not introverted I like spending time with people cause its hard to live in solitude but when I feel stress I take a step back and prefer to be alone to get my priorities straight.

04:24 PM May 28 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

live is hard for solitude lovers

01:33 PM May 28 2014 |

2 people like this




Everytime i try to succes in music,there always a barrier and then i should take a step back to be introverted so i can find a solution.

12:48 PM May 28 2014 |

1 person likes this

Mr. Learner


I can say that I am in the middle … I am niether a people person nor an introverter. I have both senses and I use them both. 

12:41 PM May 28 2014 |




there are time to everithing , i mean , there are time to be alone , around people , to meditate , so on.

is not healthy just focus on one thing. 1 humble opinion to not get stressed , try to do exercice and sex !!

12:03 PM May 28 2014 |

1 person likes this



United States

I think I am in between. It all depends on the situation. I like to balance between spending time with people and being alone. I am a music composer and definitely need my own space and quiet time to be creative. At the same time, I enjoy being around with people who got good positive energy. Everyday, I try to be well-balanced person as a human who can not exist all alone. 

10:03 AM May 28 2014 |




im better off alone

08:33 AM May 28 2014 |




Does the sweet girl in the picture have an ebaby/fb/skype account ?


extrovert most of the time except while thinking deeply about serious matters, it doesn’t mean other activities in life arent serious. Being introvert depend which person to talk, for example in the past, when one of ur girlfriends is running after u, it’s better to stay introvert in order to keep her extrovert with you.
But now no more pain and regrets, the most important thing in life is that Life is nothing but a butterfly ticket, yes a ticket to another world called afterlife which really exists, look at how the human-being was created in a womb and grows million times faster and bigger during and after his mother gets pregnant, isnt this a miracle and not a coincident description of man? How butterfly can sink a ship ? This temporary world is not a joke, it’s a small phase because everyone is taking a ship of the temporary life and has to find refuge somewhere before the butterfly of life defeats him and meet all in the same place.


07:33 AM May 28 2014 |

2 people like this




I’m very very introverted. I get stressed in places plenty of people. I don’t like to follow the social rules. Sometimes people do things they don’t like to do only for compromise.

It’s difficult being introverted in Spain because here people is very sociable. They spend to much time outdoors.

05:19 AM May 28 2014 |




I’m the craziest person you’ll ever meet! I’m half and half. Sometimes I’m a SUPER extrovert and sometimes I’m quite the opposite. And no, I can’t control it. That’s something that literally happens out of the blue. I kinda hate it…

04:29 AM May 28 2014 |




I really enjoy being alone,I would better say i am a introvert person.Sometimes i didn’t do anything ,just stay in couch spending the whole afternoon reading magazine or listening music.

03:41 AM May 28 2014 |

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